No other landmark of São Paulo is so dearly loved and admired as the Paulista Avenue. Here are located the headquarters of the major banks, the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo and 30 percent of the financial market of the city.

Approximately one million people pass by this avenue daily, which concentrates the most active cultural activities of the fourth largest metropolis of the world. São Paulo is Latin America’s largest financial and business center.

Paulista Avenue has a complete infra-structure, is centrally located, has a good demand and low offer of lots and concentrates the best renting spaces for the best companies.

The São Luís Gonzaga building is located on the block between Haddock Lobo and Bela Cintra streets. It is an unmatchable option for companies that want to combine a prestigious address with high-level facilities and also a complete infra-structure of services to make businesses with all parts of the world.