The project was designed by Edison Musa Arquitetos Associados, one of the best renowned architectural firms in Brazil specialized in large-scale commercial buildings.

The São Luiz Gonzaga Building is located on the grounds of the traditional São Luís School and is one of the largest buildings on Paulista Avenue, occupying most of the block. The development is surrounded by several older structures that make the building’s post-modern style, complete with aluminum panels and mirrored glass, stand-out even more.

On the outside the building displays grid-shaped geometric figures, outlined with a metallic coat, which join the glass-curtain façade of 10 mm blue-mirrored laminae.

The 22 stories are built around an external 18-meter-high steel and glass gate, which leads to the imposing entrance hall, featuring a 6-meter-high ceiling along with a rare Brazilian granite floor. The bathrooms and kitchens have ceramic floors and the walls are made of laminate sheeting.

Indoors, each of the 22 stories has 1820 m2, one of the largest areas in the City of São Paulo.

The amount of pillars are reduced and located on the peripheral area of the floor, making easier the organization of spaces and allowing a division in two suites of 915 m2, or in 4 suites with a private area, which ranges from 412 m2 to 497 m2. These dimensions are adequate for modern companies operating in the service sector.

The stories also have all the infra-structure for an intelligent building, including structured optic fiber cables. This permits high speed in voice, text, data and image transmission, and also the connection of computer equipment in a short period of time, with no need of pre-established points.

One of the highlights of the building is the set of 17 high performance elevators, which reach 4m per second.

Fourteen of them have large dimension cabins (24 passengers for each cabin) and are divided into two groups (high and low floors), a formula that permits to adequately comply the building’s traffic demand.

Two of them serve the ground floor and the first basement. There is also a smaller and slower elevator that serves all the floors and emergency situations. This elevator can be used by firefighters even in case of fire.

The São Luis Gonzaga building is equipped with a helipad designed to serve up to size 5 aircrafts, which is equivalent to five tons.

The environmental, security and administration control of the building offers the state-of-the art automation equipment available in the market.

The Control Center is totally computerized and monitors continuously several services, such as:
• control of the personal security in the entrance
• access control system to the basement
• electric supply
• electric demand
• air temperature
• water flow
• detection and combat of fire
• TV closed circuit
• electronic and hydraulic elevators
• administration of the permanent staff responsible for the building maintenance
• emergency electric generators to supply energy to the tenants, in case of interruption of Eletropaulo’s service supply